GunboundWC 6.3

Battle wearing your own avatar and choosing the mobile you want
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We invite you the 'Gunbound' from the planet 'Lond' with 8 moons and 3 races. The Lond has 8 moons which make difference weather of the planet, and 3 races which live in different region and civilization.

Through many times of battle among 3 races, they realize that 'respect of diversity' is the basis phenomenon of peace. The war is not break out anymore under the belief of common phenomenon, and 'Gunbound' is the only battle is the ‘Lond’.

Gunbound battle is the last battle game in the Lond, and it is really popular. 3 leaders of 3 races encourage Gunboud as a provision against the possibility of threats, and citizens enjoy watching Gunbound as the best public entertainment.

Gunbound means unlimited battle among one-seater weapons, 'mobile'. Many suitable weapons for each region have developed for the past wars. Old weapons were remodeled into one-seater weapons, and these were used in early Gunbonud, but a lot of problems(Big size, slow speed, too strong power and long loading time) were found, and completely new concepts(attack, defense, moving, and shooting term) of mobile was needed.

Characteristic peculiar to 3 races are reflected in Gunbound's mobiles. North region's the Mirabo use strong animals, which can endure rough atmosphere of the region, for mobility and flexibility to cope with unexpected situation, and the Adium install unknown old ancients' weapons to mobile. The Hubui invent many kinds of fire cannons with their advanced technology.

Through a lot of battles, the most suitable 10 mobiles were selected, and finally, victory and defeat were fixed by pilots’ ability rather than development of new mobile.

Players will participate in battle after wearing their own avatars and choosing the mobile they want. Players will be rewarded at the end of the battle. Winners will receive their reward and with the reward the players will purchase an avatar item(s) of their choice which will benefit in future battles. Player's objective is to excite the audiences that are watching the battle with his or her amazing skills and beautiful avatars. The player will receive special rewards if the audiences are pleased. Of course displaying bad manners in the battlefield will get you negative feedbacks and you will be booed off by the crowd.

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